Support Geneva's History

Memberships are important, however they are a very small portion of the GHM annual budget. Your unrestricted, tax-deductible donation is vital to sustain GHM, the only organized institution that preserves and shares Geneva's rich history. Donations of $125 or more include a complimentary membership and more!

Become a Geneva GEM (Give Every Month) to elevate your donor level and create a consistent revenue stream to sustain GHM. GEMs receive an invitation to our private annual donors celebration.


Why we are Geneva GEMS...

"I choose to participate as a way to help honor and preserve the history of this community.  A strong community believes and learns from it’s past in order to grow and foster it’s future.  My donation may not be large but it is consistent which allows the Geneva History Museum to have some amount of financial stability."    - Kelly Giffin Vass

"We are GEMS at the Geneva History Museum because we believe our museum is a "Jewel" in the City of Geneva.  Contributing on a monthly basis is most helpful for the museum in their budgeting process and is beneficial to us as a household in our family budget.  So, PLEASE join us in becoming a GEM."

 - Colin & Glorianne Campbell

"I contribute every month rather than a lump sum to help GHM budget, knowing that a specified amount is expected each month on a regular basis."   - Lynn Landberg

"Geneva History Museum is a growing treasure chest filled with documented memories! Supporting the talented staff in both preserving past stories and recording present day happenings is important to us. Donating automatically, on a monthly basis is easy, and helps our budgeting as well as providing consistent income for the museum."

- Craig & Joyce Elliott

"History, at any level of our experience, is important to enable us to know who we are as a community and as individuals.  As a lifetime member of this community of Geneva, I know that my identity and that of everyone who has lived here is in some way informed and anchored by it.  I can’’t imagine not taking responsibility for gathering and keeping that record and so I must financially support that work."   - Mary Jaeger

Pioneer Donor

$125 - $299/one-time payment or,

$11 - $20/monthly Geneva GEM

Settler Donor

$300 - $599/one-time payment or,

$25 - $40/monthly Geneva GEM

  • Pioneer Donor benefits
  • Free admission for two guests to exhibitions

Historian Donor

$600 - $999/one-time payment or,

$50 - $80/monthly Geneva GEM

  • Settler Donor benefits
  • Two complimentary tickets to annual fundraiser

Herrington Circle

$1,000+/one-time payment or,

$100+/monthly Geneva GEM

  • Historian Donor benefits
  • Gift of one-year membership for a friend
  • 25% off Room Rental fee

Sterling Society Corporate Partnership Program

We invite you to join The Sterling Society as a corporate partner of  the Geneva History Museum. Your partnership will help preserve and celebrate Geneva’s rich history. Your commitment will enable the museum to offer exhibitions, programs, research services, events and tours for thousands of residents and visitors annually. There are multiple opportunities to partner throughout the year with the only nationally accredited museum in all of Kane County.

Make a difference today by honoring our community’s past, strengthening our present and illuminating the future for generations to come.