Located in the heart of downtown on Third Street, the Geneva History Museum offers a 3,000 square-foot Main Gallery, Geneva’s Story, a 950 square-foot feature gallery that changes each year.

Hours: Tuesday thru Saturday, 11 AM to 4 PM (Closed on Mondays, holiday weekends, and the month of January for inventory.)

Admission includes both the Main & Feature Galleries: $3/Person, $2/Children Ages 3-10, FREE/Museum Members

Feature Gallery

Open now thru NOVEMBER 3

“In Other Words… A History of Communication in Geneva”

Words can be written, spoken, printed, recorded or captured in a picture. Come explore an earlier time in Geneva and discover the historical background behind familiar concepts of communication. Engage with videos including stories from a former telephone operator. Visit the activity wall to dial a rotary telephone, send morse code and push the keys of an old typewriter. Admission is $3/Person, $2/Children ages 3-10 and includes a souvenir postcard and admission to the Main Gallery, Geneva’s Story.

COMING November 27 – Annual Geneva Giving Trees and our magnificent 18th Century Créche Display – FREE admission through December 22

Main Gallery

Geneva's Story

Geneva’s story is all around us. It is shaped by the river, connected by the railroad, advanced by development, and enhanced by people who visit or call it home. Chapter by chapter, discover our evolving community. We invite you to hear stories, explore objects, and share memories. Explore oral histories, videos and more images on four iPad stations or sit and relax in the Fargo Theater to discover more of Geneva’s rich history.

Belong to Geneva's Story

The mission of the Geneva History Museum is to preserve and share Geneva's evolving story while inspiring and engaging the community. Join us!