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The Fabyan Legacy

Reprint of The Fabyan Legacy originally written by Darlene Larson and Laura Hiebert in 1982. Darlene interviewed John Butler, Sumiko Kobayashi, and Don Williams, who all grew up on the Fabyan estate and shared what it looked like in the 1920s. This book, along with historic images Darlene collected from those who lived there, brings the former Fabyan Estate to life.

$24.99/each; $5 Shipping Charge

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100 Years of The Little Traveler - Book

Discover how an original Italiante home became the current 36-room iconic shop, The Little Traveler. Enjoy stories about founder, Kate Raftery, staff spolights, artifact discoveries and how one owner tried to turn the shop into a franchise. The book is full of rare photographs and news accounts chronicling the traditions, changes and growth throughout the years. Read forewords written by the founder's great-granddaughter, Kate Raftery Muth, and current owner, Michael Simon. All proceeds from the sale of the book benefit the Geneva History Museum. The book is available for sale in the museum's Gift Shop, at The Little Traveler and here online.

$29.99/each; $5 Shipping Charge

Archive Image Store

Geneva History Museum offers a select number of prints from its historic photograph collection in the archives. Most images area available in 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, 20x30 and 24x36 sizes. Please allow one week for in-store pickup (we will notify you when it is ready) and two weeks for shipping. The size of the print is dictated by the actual proportions of the original image, some cropping may occur. Final image will not include watermark as shown in the images below.


No. 1 - Kane County Courthouse, Circa 1892

Kane County's fourth couthouse built in 1892 on South Third Street between James and Campbell Streets.


No. 2 - Bird's Eye View of Geneva, 1896

Bird's Eye View Map of Geneva, 1869, looking northwest. Created and published by A.Ruger & Merchant's Lithographing Company, Chicago.


No. 3 - Corner of State and Third Streets, Circa 1911

Circa 1911 - Corner of State and Third Streets, Geneva, IL, looking east the day the Grand Army of the Republic celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first company to leave Geneva for the Civil War in 1861.


No. 4 - View of the State Street Bridge Construction, 1909

Circa 1909 - View of the State Street Bridge Construction from the west bank of the Fox River looking east; Bennett Mill is showing in the background.



No. 5 - State and Fourth Streets, Circa 1948

Circa 1948 - State and Fourth Streets looking east, including the 300 block of State Street and cars parked in front of Geneva Theatre.


No. 6 - State and North Third Streets, looking east

Circa 1910 - State and North Third Streets looking east; north side of 200 block of West State Street, including 229 West State Street, currently Starbucks Coffee Shop.


No. 7 - State and Third Streets, looking northwest

Circa 1910, State and Third Streets looking northwest showing the Aurora, Elgin and Chicago Electric Trolley and the north side of the 300 block of West State Street.


No. 8 - State and Third Streets, Circa 1930s

Circa 1930's, State and Third Streets looking southwest showing the south side of the 300 block of West State Street, including 302 West State Street, former State Bank of Geneva Building and Unity Building.


No. 9 - The Little Traveler, Circa 1940

Circa 1940s, The Little Traveler, 404 South Third Street, Geneva, IL.


No. 10 - Geneva Train Depot, Circa 1940s

Circa 1940s, locomotice steam engine pullin into the Geneva Train Depot. The Victorian style depot was built in 1892 and was demolished in 1960. In 1986, the present day depot was designed and constructed to echo the 1892 structure.


No. 11 - The Fargo Theatre, Circa 1920s

Circa 1920s - The Fargo Theatre, 319 West State Street, Geneva, IL. In 1930, the name changed to Geneva Theatre to distinguish itself from neighboring Fargo Theatres and in 1940 a new marquee (and current State Street icon) was installed.


No. 12 - Geneva Train Depot, Circa 1950s

Circa 1950s - Commuter train pulling into the Geneva Train Depot. The Victorian style depot was built in 1892 and was demolished in 1960. In 1986, the present day depot was designed and contructed to echo the 1892 station.


No. 13 - State Street looking east from Fourth Street, Circa 1955

Circa 1955 - State Street looking east from Fourth Street, including the north side of the 300 block of West State Street and the Geneva Theatre marquee. After a 75-year run, the Geneva Theatre showed its last film in 2000.


No. 14 - Geneva Post Office, Circa 1910

Circa 1910 - Geneva Post Office with horse and buggy mail wagon at 221 West State Street; now occupied by Blinka Optical.


No. 15 - Geneva Fire Department, Circa 1925

Circa 1925 - Geneva Fire Department with new Seagrave Suburbanite Fire Truck No. 2 parked in front of Geneva City Hall on South First Street. The house in the background was moved to 428 Hamilton Street.


No. 16 - Interior View of Gus Schutz Saloon

Circa 1915 - Interior view of Swedish immigrant Gus Schutz Saloon at the corner of First and State Streets at 30 West State Street. The building was constructed in 1907 and it is crrently occupied by Sergio's Cantina and 1910 Bar on the second floor.


No. 17 - Tri-City Garage

Circa 1928 - Tri-City Garage building located on the east side of South Third Street between State and James Streets (13 - 33 South Third Street). The building is now occupied by All Chocolate Kitchen and other various shops.


No. 18 - State Street Bridge Woman

CIrca 1910s - Postcard of a woman standing on State Street bridge overlooking the Fox River. The first concrete bridge was constructed in 1909 and in 1992 it was reconstructed.


No. 19 - Island Park Pavilion

Circa 1920s - Island Park Pavilion or Field House was constructed in 1915 by Geneva's iconic builders, the Wilson Brothers.


No. 20 - Fabyan's Windmill

Circa 1920s - Fabyan's Windmill on the east side of Fabyan Forest Preserve on Route 25 is the 68-foot, 5-story structure. It was originally built in the 1850s and was moved from Lombard, Illinois in 1914 by Colonel George Fabyan for his estate along the Fox River.

Prints of Geneva Images

Since mid 2020, Dennis Gramlich has gifted more than 20 paintings to the Geneva History Museum, painting iconic Geneva points of interest as the Artist in Residence in the Museum's 3rd Street window.  While nearly all original paintings (11x14”, watercolor on paper) have been sold, the GHM is now offering prints of the collection!


"During the pandemic of 2020/21, I collaborated with the Geneva History Museum to establish a studio space in their front windows to serve as their Resident Artist.  Visible to 3rd Street pedestrian traffic, they play music while I work and safely interact with appreciative pedestrians as they walk by.  My paintings are gifted to the Museum to utilize as they wish to further their mission."

Burgess Field

(11x14", watercolor on paper) was inspired by several requests by people familiar with the Museum project. High school football in the U.S., particularly the Midwest, is a significant part of many families' lives and hopefully, a painting like this can stir happy memories for current or former Geneva High School students.


11"x14" print can be ordered for $45/each (picked up) $55 (shipped)

LittleTraveler copy

The Little Traveler

(11"x14" print on watercolor paper) Geneva's most iconic shopping destination on South Third Street.


11"x14" print can be ordered for $45/each (picked up) $55 (shipped)

“Swedish Days Maypole”

(11x14 watercolor on paper), a loose style with focus on the maypole and the motion of the dancers.  Swedish Days is one of Geneva’s primary annual events (in non-pandemic years), and this was an activity at Good Templar Park dating from the 1920s.


11"x14" print can be ordered for $45/each (picked up) $55 (shipped)

"Fargo Flowers"

(11"x14" watercolor on paper) was inspired by one of Geneva's most celebrated natural events - the tulips blooming on Fargo, near Rt. 31. For several weeks in the spring, there is a steady flow of cars and photographers to admire the beauty. The backdrop continues to change but hopefully the flowers will bloom for years to come.


11"x14" print can be ordered for $45/each (picked up) $55 (shipped

Winter Windmill

(11x14”, watercolor on paper) was inspired by a cover photo in a weekly City of Geneva publication and shows the range of enjoyment that this iconic Geneva Landmark provides – from downhill sledding in the winter to picnics and dodging flocks of geese in the summer.  The abstract woods, the dominant structure, and the splashes of color and blue-shaded snow made the composition work well and was fun to paint.


11"x14" print can be ordered for $45/each (picked up) $55 (shipped)

"Mill Race Inn from Island Park"

The original, 11"x14" watercolor on paper, was inspired by the idyllic scene featuring the sculpture in the foreground and the building, deck and gazebo of the Inn (now gone) in the background. If I did it right, you can almost smell the greenery and hopefully, remember the good times at the Inn.


11"x14" print can be ordered for $45/each (picked up) $55 (shipped)

"State Street Marquee"

(11"x14" watercolor on paper) was inspired by the 30's era architecture (which provided the backdrop for Paul Newman being gunned down in 'Road to Perdition'), and one of the prime landmarks in the city. State Street is truly a "great street" because it captures Geneva's sunrises and sunsets spectacularly.


11"x14" print can be ordered for $45/each (picked up) $55 (shipped)


“Stone Bridge on Island Park”

Original was an 11x14”, watercolor on paper

This is an oft-painted Geneva scene that has the tranquility of moving water and lush green spaces.  I added a few people to give it life – and a dog to give it value…


11"x14" print can be ordered for $45/each (picked up) $55 (shipped)

“Fabyan Japanese Garden”

The original 14"x11", watercolor on YUPO, was inspired by a photo from the Geneva History Museum's archives. An intensely colorful photo, I knew I would be able to maintain the color only on YUPO - a plastic sheet that doesn't absorb the paint. This garden, at the Fabyan mansion, is a favorite venue for plein air painting due to the colors, shapes, and variety of possible compositions.


11"x14" print can be ordered for $45/each (picked up) $55 (shipped)


“Kane County Courthouse”

The original 11x14”, pen and ink, watercolor on paper is a central landmark in Geneva and site of many community events like Blessing of the Animals, Christmas Tree Lighting and a central point for street fairs.  I like the composition balance of structure and trees and the sky reflecting in the windows.


11"x14" print can be ordered for $45/each (picked up) $55 (shipped)

“State Street”

The original 11x14”, watercolor on paper, was inspired by a street scene photo in the Geneva City Newsletter, and the liberal use of dark values by a couple of my favorite watercolorists.  Looking down to the river, the sunset is reflected in the eastern sky - an unusual event that I frequently see in the Fox Valley.


11"x14" print can be ordered for $45/each (picked up) $55 (shipped)


"Rainman at the Train Station"

The original 11"x14", watercolor on paper, was inspired by the modern sculpture with a classic train station and shops in the background. People (and a dog) were added to reflect the activity in this beautiful corner of Geneva.


11"x14" print can be ordered for $45/each (picked up) $55 (shipped)

GrahamsWEB copy 2

"Graham's Fine Chocolates"

The original 11"x14" was a watercolor on paper.


11"x14" print can be ordered for $45/each (picked up) $55 (shipped)


"Geneva Railroad Bridge from the South"

The original 11x14”, watercolor on paper was painted at least a year or two prior to the GHM Resident Artist project, but found and donated in 2020.  The angles, shapes and shadows of the bridge make it a favorite subject.


11"x14" print can be ordered for $45/each (picked up) $55 (shipped)



The original 11"x14”, watercolor on paper, RiverPark of Geneva is a landmark setting for graduation/prom photo sessions, weddings, family events, and summer park concerts.  More importantly, it is the view from my window and I tried to capture some of the many great images we see every day - people, dogs, birds, animals, and some great sunrises and reflections of sunsets as shown here.


11"x14" print can be ordered for $45/each (picked up) $55 (shipped)


"The Herrington Inn"

The original 11"x14”, watercolor on YUPO, was a second version I did of the subject for a fund-raiser associated with their 25th anniversary.  The first version, watercolor on paper, was auctioned and raised money for the Geneva History Museum.


11"x14" print can be ordered for $45/each (picked up) $55 (shipped)


“Fabyan Windmill”

The original 11"x14”, watercolor on paper, is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Geneva, just off Route 25 on the east side of the Fox River."


11"x14" print can be ordered for $45/each (picked up) $55 (shipped)

ABOUT THE ARTIST - Dennis Gramlich

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, I attended The Ohio State University, earning a BS and MBA.  During that time, I was in the Air National Guard and sent to Korea for a year when the North Koreans seized the Pueblo.  My Italian wife, Silva, and I both had fulfilling careers in healthcare and upon retirement moved to Geneva to be closer to our daughter, Alexia Monaco.  Although always appreciative of, and interested in art I had never taken any classes or pursued my interest until we moved in  2013.

I call myself an emerging artist.  In the last six or so years that I have been drawing, sketching and painting, I have yet to develop a preferred style, subject or technique.  I am still experimenting and learning – most greatly (and gratefully) with Fatima Figueiredo and my classmates, and from the demonstrations/workshops I attend.  I’ve come to appreciate the uniqueness of every artist I encounter and learn something from each.  At this point I’m all over the place – from landscapes to flowers, from cityscapes to still-lifes, from portraits to architectural details.  My work ranges from loose and impressionistic to more detailed.  I paint on paper or YUPO (a slick paper that doesn’t absorb the paint).  I’ve recently experimented with pen and ink paintings and acrylics.  I’m drawn to rich opaque colors though sometimes opt for a more transparent approach.  

I’m becoming convinced that I really don’t want to settle into one style, subject matter, or technique.  I want to remain “all over the place” and forever “emerging”.

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A self-guided journey through the central historic district of Geneva, Illinois. Explore 25 properties within walking distance with photographs, addresses and stories.

For all of its remarkable growth and change, we believe much of Geneva today would be recognized by its earliest residents.  Our ethic of historic preservation is evident in the historic homes, businesses and buildings that still grace our tree-lined streets and scenic river front.

As you stroll, you can discover at your own pace, Geneva's renowned and picturesque buildings.


The sidewalks, lawns and buildings of Geneva, Illinois, are home to notable pieces of public art.  Discover the stories of more than 34 sculptures, statues, monuments, and murals tucked in locations throughout the city.  Refer to the map in this guide.

Most of the art is walkable in downtown Geneva, but there are a few places that will require a longer walk, bike ride or car.

Note that some artworks are inside buildings with limited viewing hours available.*

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