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Geneva artist, Dennis Gramlich, paints images of Geneva in the museum Gift Shop window from 2:30 to 4:30 each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  He has graciously given the originals to the museum to sell, all proceeds benefit GHM.  Check back often, for additions to this collection.  All paintings come in a 16"x20" mat board. Purchase here on this site or call 630-232-4951 to make arrangements. Prices include sales tax.


"During the pandemic of 2020, the Geneva History Museum let me be their “resident artist”, painting pictures of Geneva scenes and buildings in their window a couple afternoons a week.  I got to enjoy an external activity, listen to opera (both inside and out) while I worked, and safely interact with appreciative pedestrians as they walked by.  The Museum then got my paintings to sell or use as they wanted."

"Rain Man at the Train Station"

(11"x14", watercolor on paper) was inspired by the modern sculpture with a classic train station and shops in the background. People (and a dog) were added to reflect the activity in this beautiful corner of Geneva.

$100 (picked up) $125 (shipped)

"Fabyan Japanese Garden Floral"

(11x14”, watercolor on YUPO) was painted at least a year or two prior to the GHM Resident Artist project, but found and donated in 2020.  The setting is always inspirational and the flowers in summer are compelling to paint.

$100 (picked up) $125 (shipped)

"Geneva Railroad Bridge from the South"

(11x14”, watercolor on paper) was painted at least a year or two prior to the GHM Resident Artist project, but found and donated in 2020.  The angles, shapes and shadows of the bridge make it a favorite subject.

$100 (picked up) $125 (shipped)

“Kane County Courthouse”

11x14”, pen and ink watercolor on paper, is a central landmark in Geneva and site of many community events like Blessing of the Animals, Christmas Tree Lighting and a central point for street fairs.  I like the composition balance of structure and trees and the sky reflecting in the windows.

$100 (picked up)  $125 (shipped)

“Fabyan Guest House”

11x14”, watercolor on paper, was a scene I photographed on one of our walks, inspired by the shapes and shadows.  $100 (picked up)  $125 (shipped)

“Geneva Railroad Bridge"

(11x14”, watercolor on paper) Artist's statement to come. $100 (picked up)  $125 (shipped)

“Fabyan Japanese Garden”

(14"x11", watercolor on YUPO) was inspired by a photo from the Geneva History Museum's archives. An intensely colorful photo, I knew I would be able to maintain the color only on YUPO - a plastic sheet that doesn't absorb the paint. This garden, at the Fabyan mansion, is a favorite venue for plein air painting due to the colors, shapes, and variety of possible compositions.  $100 (picked up)  $125 (shipped)

“State Street”

(11x14”, watercolor on paper) was inspired by a street scene photo in the Geneva City Newsletter, and the liberal use of dark values by a couple of my favorite watercolorists.  Looking down to the river, the sunset is reflected in the eastern sky - an unusual event that I frequently see in the Fox Valley.  $100 (picked up)  $125 (shipped)


Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, I attended The Ohio State University, earning a BS and MBA.  During that time, I was in the Air National Guard and sent to Korea for a year when the North Koreans seized the Pueblo.  My Italian wife, Silva, and I both had fulfilling careers in healthcare and upon retirement moved to Geneva to be closer to our daughter, Alexia Monaco.  Although always appreciative of, and interested in art I had never taken any classes or pursued my interest until we moved in  2013.

I call myself an emerging artist.  In the last six or so years that I have been drawing, sketching and painting, I have yet to develop a preferred style, subject or technique.  I am still experimenting and learning – most greatly (and gratefully) with Fatima Figueiredo and my classmates, and from the demonstrations/workshops I attend.  I’ve come to appreciate the uniqueness of every artist I encounter and learn something from each.  At this point I’m all over the place – from landscapes to flowers, from cityscapes to still-lifes, from portraits to architectural details.  My work ranges from loose and impressionistic to more detailed.  I paint on paper or YUPO (a slick paper that doesn’t absorb the paint).  I’ve recently experimented with pen and ink paintings and acrylics.  I’m drawn to rich opaque colors though sometimes opt for a more transparent approach.  

I’m becoming convinced that I really don’t want to settle into one style, subject matter, or technique.  I want to remain “all over the place” and forever “emerging”.

Enjoy Geneva's history on your own schedule.

Self-Guided Tours are available for purchase here online.  A link will be sent to your email to download the PDF tour.

Special discount in the Museum's Gift Shop - both tours for $5 in paper form.

All proceeds benefit the Geneva History Museum.

A self-guided journey through the central historic district of Geneva, Illinois. Explore 25 properties within walking distance with photographs, addresses and stories.

For all of its remarkable growth and change, we believe much of Geneva today would be recognized by its earliest residents.  Our ethic of historic preservation is evident in the historic homes, businesses and buildings that still grace our tree-lined streets and scenic river front.

As you stroll, you can discover at your own pace, Geneva's renowned and picturesque buildings.


The sidewalks, lawns and buildings of Geneva, Illinois, are home to notable pieces of public art.  Discover the stories of more than 34 sculptures, statues, monuments, and murals tucked in locations throughout the city.  Refer to the map in this guide.

Most of the art is walkable in downtown Geneva, but there are a few places that will require a longer walk, bike ride or car.

Note that some artworks are inside buildings with limited viewing hours available.*

Belong to Geneva's Story

The mission of the Geneva History Museum is to preserve and share Geneva's evolving story while inspiring and engaging the community. Join us!