NEW! Play a video game on an Apple IIe Computer

Did you know that the first apple graphics software was created in Geneva? Penguin Software was the company started by Mark Pelczarski in his Geneva home. They were the creators of early gaming software such as Transylvania, Magic Paintbrush, Pie Man, and the Complete Graphics System.

Our main gallery exhibition, Geneva’s Story was recently updated thanks to Penguin Software co-founder, Mark Pelczarski with additional assistance provided by Javier Rivera, Chris Torrence, members of the Facebook group, Apple II Enthusiasts, and GHM volunteer, Craig Elliott. Thanks to everyone, we now have a playable Apple IIe computer in the gallery. We have a selection of games that we will be rotating through on the computer. For now, try your hand at Transylvania, created by Antonio Antiochia and released by Penguin Software in 1982.